Elite Physical Medicine is for everyone. Whether you are a patient with lower back pain or a performance athlete, your care will be delivered in the same setting, by the same skilled and experienced Physiotherapists and Doctors. Your treatment will be specifically tailored to you and will be delivered by a team of experts in a relaxed and friendly environment.



We provide Ultrasound scans which use sound waves to produce pictures of muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints throughout the body.


Using techniques, from massage to release tight muscles to mobilisations and manipulations to passively increase joint range of motion.


Our ethos is to tailor our treatment to your aims; whether you seek pain relief or to return back to daily activities. See how we can help.


Acupuncture stimulates nerves located in muscles and other tissues, leading to release of endorphins and increasing local circulation to help improve muscle and joint stiffness.


We use Dartfish Technology to analyse your movement,  identifying any imbalance between joints or symmetry between affected and non-affected limbs.


A new affective treatment to a range of tendon problems around the body including, plantar facsiitis, ankle, shoulder, knee and elbow pain.


We have a dedicated Women’s Health Physiotherapist who is trained to scan the tummy muscles and the pelvic floor muscles.

Services Virtual Consultations

We have developed a virtual service to meet the needs of our patients who are not always able to physically attend our clinics but still wish to seek an expert opinion



After injuring my ankle at a netball tournament back in the spring, I was able to go on and complete my Duke of Edinburgh Award after enduring a 26 km expedition over one of the hottest weekends. This was all thanks to the wonderful team at Elite Physical Medicine, specifically the fast rehabilitation I was able to achieve from Nicola without whom I would’ve potentially been out of netball for the beginning of the season.


It’s now 12 months since the operation and the attached photo was taken at Danby Beacon on the Esk Valley Walk, North Yorkshire, part of a 3 day 25 mile walk which I did with friends just 4 months after the procedure.

Michael, read more

Loved making my comeback yesterday and it was great to get the bonus point win to kick the season off. Big thanks to Andrew McCrea and everyone at Elite Physical Medicine for getting us back in the magenta and black. COYAs

Adam Moore

I had a Facebook memory this morning from 2 years ago where I was sad about not being able to drive for another 6 weeks. Today I cycled 113km around Mallorca with my cycling club. I would never have done this before I broke my tib and fib, and I never thought I would when I did. Elite team are amazing, thanks for fixing me and inspiring me.

Louise Grant

Many thanks to Gus at Elite Physical Medicine for helping me to achieve a PB at the Thame 10k this weekend. Gus devised a strength and conditioning programme over a 6 month period as part of a case study. As a result of 2 gym sessions and 2 run sessions each week, I feel stronger running, have seen a marked improvement in performance and a noticeable reduction in the usual running niggles.

Nicolette Hayers


All of our physiotherapists are chartered and registered by the Health Professional Council.

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