Gabrielle Jackson

June 2023

Gabrielle’s journey with Elite Physical Medicine


Gabrielle Jackson has been a star player in the EPM team for many years, but her journey with us began way before she applied to join the team. As she prepares for her next adventure in Australia, we look back on her journey with Elite...

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November 2022

Elite’s recommendations to keep your ski trip injury-free


Ski season is hurtling towards us faster than Charlie Guest. But not many of us prepare for the intense physical demand that skiing places on the body. In all the excitement, how do you stay safe from injury?

Elite’s recommendations to keep your ski trip injury-free2023-03-22T20:55:03+00:00

August 2022

Gabs gains more Team GB experience in Italy


Having previously worked for British Gymnastics, Gabs connected with the Team GB Swim Physio and was asked to support the British Swimming Championships in April 2022. Impressed with her work, Team GB called Gabs up again when more hands were needed for the European Championships.

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June 2021

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy


Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy Written by: Gabrielle Jackson, Edited by: Faye Appleby Description Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ECSWT) works as an acoustic wave, carrying energy to painful areas within the soft tissue. The machine has a bullet within a small barrel, compressed air is accelerated to hit the plate at the end of [...]

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