Our ethos at Elite Physical Medicine is to tailor our treatment to your aims; whether you seek pain relief or to return back to daily activities. Using Evidence Based Practice we can offer you effective treatment modalities to achieving long-term success in your goals. Whether you are building strength on our Cybex Isokinetic machine post-operatively or developing functional stability using a Bosu ball or Mylokit Slings, our team will keep everything relevant to your needs.

Rehabilitation in some cases can take a few months and requires dedication on your part to take responsibility for your recovery. To ensure you are fully supported we in some cases offer you the opportunity to use our gym facilities to perform your individual programme whilst still gaining input from the team around you. The gym is solely for rehabilitation so it is quiet and non-intimidating as we respect that not everyone enjoys the gym and may be worried about their injury. Intermittent sessions with your Physiotherapist can then modify your programme according to your goals and requirements.

We pride ourselves on offering a welcoming and friendly atmosphere to all our patients and we are always around to assist in any queries you may have.