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Force Plate Technology Thanks to VALD Performance we are soon to be set-up with our new force plates in clinic. Nick from VALD came to give the physiotherapist's a full training session on the benefits and uses of the force plates. As stated by VALD 'ForceDecks' dual plates allows quick and easy assessment of [...]

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February 2021

Strength and Conditioning (S&C)


Strength and Conditioning Written by: Tom Stainer Strength and conditioning has shown to reduce sports injuries by a third, and overuse injuries by 50%. Comparatively, stretching reduces risk of injury by 4%. Alongside monitoring training load, strength and conditioning has the greatest effect on injury prevention. So what is Strength and [...]

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January 2021

Tom Stainer our Honorary Lecturer


Congratulations to Tom, one of our physiotherapists, who has started his journey and passion in lecturing. Tom has recently been teaching about outcome measures that are used in rehabilitation for junior doctors studying BSci Sports Medicine at University College London (UCL). As honorary lecturer, Tom led a virtual zoom lecture and created videos [...]

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