Force Plate Technology

Thanks to VALD Performance we are soon to be set-up with our new force plates in clinic. Nick from VALD came to give the physiotherapist’s a full training session on the benefits and uses of the force plates. As stated by VALD ‘ForceDecks’ dual plates allows quick and easy assessment of stability, strength and movement. They also enable unparalleled insights into neuromuscular performance, asymmetries and movement strategies.’

We were really impressed with the amount of information we can gain from assessing using the ForceDecks, the data is auto analysed and given instantly based on the individual results. The force plates will be used in our clinic to analyse neuromuscular strength and imbalance, but also to measure, monitor and train strength. The system provides real-time feedback from dynamic and isometric tests.

To give you an insight, the ForceDecks are capable of collecting data from:


  • Weighted
  • Unweighted

Providing rep-by-rep real time results.


  • Countermovement jump
  • Loaded countermovement jump
  • Squat jump
  • Loaded squat jump
  • Drop jump
  • Repeated hop jump
  • Single leg jump

In total 12 different jump tests, with automatic detection.


  • Mid-thigh pull
  • Seated isometric calf raise
  • Isometric squat
  • Shoulder I-Y-T
  • Posterior chain

A number of other isometric tests in upper and lower body groups.

At Elite we will be using the ForceDeck’s to measure and record fatigue, injury risk, and rehabilitation progress in our patients. We will visualise individual performance of our patients as it happens, there is automatic detection of eccentric and concentric phases, point of max RFD, take off and landing point, and peak landing force.

If you are interested in being assessed on our new ForceDeck’s equipment, please call us on 01296 437 717 to arrange an appointment.