Insured Patients

Our clinics and therapists are recognised by all major insurance companies, please call 01296 437717 to make your appointment.

Self Funding Patients

We're also able to offer private appointments for self funding patients which don't require a referral from GPs or Consultants. Our competitive prices are outlined below, initial assessments at Elite Physical Medicine are 45 mins so we can get a detailed understanding of your condition and provide treatment in this session. Paul Thawley is our Clinical Lead and if required is able to provide diagnostic ultrasound scans.

Initial Assessments

  • 45 minutes
  • Initial Assessment: with Paul Thawley: £67

45 minute follow up appointments


£5045 minutes

with Paul Thawley

£6745 minutes

30 minute follow up appointments


£40 30 minutes

with Paul Thawley

£52 30 minutes

Ultrasound scans additional £50.00 | Extracorporeal Shockwave additional £45.00

Initial 1 hour assessment

£8160 minutes

Follow up: 45 minutes

£6145 minutes

Follow up: 30 minutes

£4630 minutes