Gemma has many years experience of working with pregnant and postnatal ladies and ladies suffering from pelvic floor related problems, both in the NHS and privately. She has led antenatal classes, active birthing classes, postnatal exercise classes and classes for ladies who have had 3rd or 4th degree tears. Gemma has worked on maternity wards with ladies with severe pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain and on delivery wards, seeing ladies once they have given birth to teach tummy muscle and pelvic floor exercises and give postnatal advice and information. Gemma now works on a 1:1 basis assessing and treating ladies with a variety of Women’s Health problems.

Gemma has close links with both NHS and Private Consultants locally so can refer you on if she feels you would benefit from seeing a consultant. She also works closely with a handful of specialist post-natal trained personal trainers, exercise instructors, Pilates and yoga instructors so can recommend a safe return to exercise when appropriate.

Gemma has received some excellent feedback from her clients but there is common theme and that is ‘I wish I had known about this sooner’. Gemma would encourage you to seek help sooner rather than later as often these conditions are far easier to treat the quicker you start to do something about them.