Paul Thawley

BSc (Hons) MSc (Sports Medicine)
Pg Dip (Rehabilitation)

Clinical Director and Lead

Paul Thawley is specialist Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapist. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy, a Master’s degree in Sports Medicine and a Postgraduate Diploma in Physical Rehabilitation. Paul is also one of a handful of physiotherapists across the UK who is qualified as a musculoskeletal ultrasonographer.

Paul’s background

Paul has over 20 years of extensive physiotherapy and rehabilitation experience, which has been built through consistently working within a huge variety of sporting environments including, motor sport, football, rugby and judo.

One of the highlights of his career was his selection as a senior physiotherapist to run the rehabilitation gym for the Olympic Medical Institute. Paul remained at the Institute for 6 years where he treated and rehabilitated many well-known elite athletes including Olympian sportsmen and women.

Paul has travelled extensively with teams internationally and has attended two Olympic Games and numerous world championships as a Physiotherapist.
This enables him to offer a wealth of knowledge and experience when treating his patient, be that an elite athlete or a non-sporting individual with back pain.
A particular strength of Paul’s is his understanding of how the body recovers from injury, surgery and illness and how his team of clinicians can help reduce the negative impact of these on everyday life. This really comes to the fore following surgery when individuals decondition and fail to optimise their recovery.

Paul has also given his time to charity over the last 5 years with Sports Relief working alongside comedians such as David Walliams.

Paul has reduced his commitment to sport so as to bring his extensive knowledge to spending time as a senior clinical teaching fellow, and course organizer, on the MSc in Sports Medicine, Exercise & Health at University College London, and is actively involved in ongoing research projects.

Why choose Paul as your physiotherapist?

Paul’s strengths lie in the diagnosis and planning of treatment and rehabilitation based on his vast experience and knowledge. This means he can make a quick diagnosis thereby facilitating treatment and, invariably, helping the patient to make a speedier recovery and reducing the number of visits to clinic.

If a diagnostic Ultrasound scan is clinically required then this is performed within the consultation (more details on Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Scanning can be found here).

By the end of your initial consult, you will have a diagnosis, plan, treatment and exercises if applicable. If you require a referral to a specialist or letter to a GP this will be done within this session as Paul also has excellent relationships with top specialists within their field, and is able to discuss your case over the phone with them thus offering immediate solutions.

Paul’s role as Clinical Director is to see patients for the initial assessment / session and to create an individual care plan for the clinic’s team of highly-trained Chartered Physiotherapists to implement. The aim of this is to make your care more specific and cost-effective.

Specialist interest groups

  • British Medical Acupuncture Society
  • Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sports and Exercise Medicine – Gold Award

  • Sonographer in Sports Medicine

Since the inception of Elite Physical Medicine, I have been impressed by both the degree of professionalism and the care that is provided. Paul and his colleagues have consistently been praised by patients when I have referred them to you, and I value your close working relationship.

Dr Andy Theobald FRCGP

Paul helped get my body working again after being told 20 years previously that I couldn’t run or exercise anymore and take up something more sedate. He is FANTASTIC! ***** Highly recommend *****

Steven Noble

First class service, would recommend! I have had a 6/8 month history of knee pain. I’m a physio myself in the local hospital and had been through my own rehab program but with no major improvement, so I decided to get a second opinion. I sent an online enquiry and within a few minutes they rang me back to book an appointment for just a few days later. At the initial assessment, I was able to talk through my issues and past rehab followed by Paul’s own physical assessment. I was also able to get an ultrasound scan within the same initial assessment. I have been very grateful of the quick and efficient service. I would very much recommend, indeed I have recommended to a family member of one of my patients who was keen for a review.

Steve Haddon

Very highly recommend! I am no athlete – just a regular Mum who used to enjoy tennis and spinning. Following an injury I endured several months of pain and frustration following unsuccessful treatment elsewhere. Paul has been fantastic and I’m now on the road to recovery. I can’t thank him enough. All the staff are really helpful too. You really feel looked after.

Nicola Christie

I went to see Paul after and injury I’d had for 8 months wasn’t improving. I’d seen two GPs, a paramedic and a private physio and none of them had diagnosed the correct issue. Paul did an ultrasound scan, and gave me a full check over during which he identified the problem. I’m now on the way to a full recovery and feeling stronger and more confident than ever, all thanks to their excellent team.

Faye Walters

I could not be happier or recommend these guys enough. Paul was fantastic, thorough and knowledgeable. Having had knee issues for a long time and seen numerous health care professionals previously Elite have already done more for me than any previous clinics. Really happy with everything and Paul went above and beyond for me! Thank you!

Paige Georgina
I can’t thank Paul enough for identifying the cause of my ‘lean’ when I’m at the end of a long run. The care and attention I have received from everyone at Elite is first class. Thank you.
Paula Robinson
After injuring my knee during a cross country run I visited Elite, the staff there were most helpful and made me an appointment to see Paul Thawley who diagnosed two or three possible injuries, he then refered me for an MRI which confirmed one of his theories, he has now written to my doctor and I have an appointment for an injection to stablise the knee now that its healed sufficiently.
I cannot thank Elite enough for their help, the service was excellent and Paul’s manner and knowledge gave me confidence of a full recovery which is not only necessary for my leisure activities but my work as well. Thanks again to you all.
Bob Hodges