Postnatal Exercise Class Aylesbury

Saturday morning from 10.45-11.15, starting on Saturday 13th April.

The class is for Mums only. This to ensure all your attention and focus is on the exercises being performed to aid your postnatal recovery and give you some ‘me’ time without the distraction of little people.

During pregnancy, our posture changes and the deep muscles that support our back, hips and pelvis get stretched and weak. Childbirth also further weakens our core and pelvic floor, especially if we have any incisions, cuts, tears or an instrumental delivery.

Our body does a great job of recovering, but often the correct exercises and guidance is needed to aid our recovery, restore how our core normally functions and regain and build on your strength.

Traditionally the GP’s six week check has given us the ‘go ahead’ to return to exercise and many ladies return to high impact or inappropriate loading exercises too soo and can hinder, or make any symptoms they may be having worse.

By coming to this class you will learn how to safely and effectively exercise the correct muscles that support your back, hips and pelvis. By improving the strength and coordination of these key muscles you will feel stronger and more supported, and better able to cope with the demands of motherhood and all the bending, lifting, lunging, squatting, pushing and pulling that daily life entails.

This new postnatal exercise class is led by a Specialist Pregnancy, Postnatal and Women’s Health Physiotherapist and designed especially for mums, regardless of wether you are six weeks or many years postnatal.

  • A short warm up/muscle releases
  • Safe exercises focusing on your deep core muscles, pelvic floor and you hip and pelvic muscles

  • High intensity, low impact exercise to increase your cardiovascular fitness and strength

  • Exercises can be completed at your own pace, making them as easy or as hard as you want them to be depending on your previous fitness levels

  • Warm down/stretches

  • The chance to meet other lovely mums

  • The opportunity to exercise safely with a physiotherapist that specialises in working with pregnant and postnatal ladies

Further class info.

All equipment is provided for these classes. There is a water fountain in the gym but you may wish to bring a bottle of water with you.

Please wear tight fitting leggings and a vest top (or similar) as I like to ensure I can see your tummy muscles working correctly.

Please let me know your due date or date of most recent delivery and any health conditions you may have (for example, pelvic girdle pain/gestational diabetics/heart or lung conditions/known problems with your cervix or placenta, tummy muscle separation or pelvic floor problems) so I can look after you as you deserve. I will ask you to complete a health screening form prior to starting the class.

How to book

The classes runs in blocks of 6 weeks and costs £60 for the block.

In order to book your space on the course please pay £60 via bank transfer or to the clinic over the phone using the following details:

Elite physical medicine (Lloyds bank)
Sort Code 30-90-38
Account no. 00007903

Tel: 01296 437 717

Please use your name as payment reference and email the clinic on the following to confirm payment:
Once payment has been received, you will have successfully reserved your space.

Please note refunds can not be given. If you are unable to attend then I regret that you will lose that session. This is to enable me to plan the sessions accordingly, keep numbers in the class small and manage the waiting list efficiently.

For further information please feel free to email

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