Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Scanning

We are able to provide ultrasound scans at our Aylesbury clinic. Musculoskeletal Ultrasound imaging uses sound waves to produce pictures of muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints throughout the body. It is safe, non invasive and does not involve radiation.

There are only a few physiotherapists who currently use ultrasound to diagnose sprains, strains, tears and other soft tissue conditions. Many of our patients have already benefited from ultrasound scanning, which has helped to form accurate diagnoses and to measure their progress throughout treatment.

To book in for an ultrasound scan, please call the clinic on 01296 437717 or email

A patient example

The image picture below was taken this year from a 45 year old runner who had torn his right calf 10 days earlier.

By scanning him we could visualise where the tear was, the size, the tear grade and the amount of fluid present. This created an objective image that could be compared to future scans and created a working diagnosis and prognosis.

This lead to the runner returning to loading exercises and running earlier as his treatment and advice was bespoke and accurate.

Women’s Health and Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Scanning

Gemma our Women’s Health Physiotherapist is trained to scan the tummy muscles and the pelvic floor muscles. This is useful for anyone that has a tummy muscles gap that is not improving or anyone struggling with symptoms of a weak pelvic floor. Also, if you are unsure how to contact your deep tummy muscles or your pelvic floor, ultrasound can help. Gemma uses the real-time images to help train your muscles, guide your treatment and measure improvement.

Book an initial consultation with Gemma or read more about our commitment to Women’s Health here.

Ultrasound has no side affects at all and is pain free. Please note we do NOT scan:

  • Lumps and bumps

  • The abdominal region

  • The spine

  • Hernias