Pain and discomfort can disrupt how you move during day-to-day activities and can be the catalyst to seeking physiotherapy. Assessing different functional movements is an important part of targeting any issues. We believe it is important to look at the global interplay between joints and muscles in the body because whether it’s participating in a sports match or completing tasks at home, the body needs to work from a stable and controlled base before we focus on strength and power.

Our physiotherapists will screen your movement patterns to ensure we are not only addressing your primary complaint but also any predisposing causes to your discomfort. Adapting how you move can provide long-term pain relief by reducing the negative stress’ through joints and make you move more efficiently. We have helped labourers with shoulder pain return to work by improving their technique of lifting equipment and resources, which has in turn given them the endurance to return to work full time.

So whether you are a new-mother with low back pain, dancer struggling to complete a show or a marathon runner trying to beat your personal best, functional movement screening will be integral to your rehab programme.