Gemma West

BSc (Hons) MCSP
Chartered Physiotherapist (Women's Health)

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Gemma West

BSc (Hons) MCSP
Chartered Physiotherapist (Women’s Health)

Gemma qualified from the University of Hertfordshire in 2006 with honours. She is a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist but her special interest is treating pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain, post natal tummy muscle separation and ladies that have sustained tears during childbirth.

She has completed numerous post graduate courses, including kinesiology taping and acupuncture and has undertaken additional training for the safe use of acupuncture in pregnancy.

Gemma uses ultrasound to scan the pelvic floor, tummy muscles and bladder – for both assessment and treatment purposes.

Gemma is very passionate about the care and treatment of women’s health patients and is keen to improve the standard of care and accessibility of treatment on offer.

She is keen to highlight that common complaints are not ‘part and parcel’ of being pregnant or having a baby, and that there is a lot of help and treatment available.

She is keen that the pelvic floor and core gets the attention it is deserved so ladies can get back to a full, active and pain free lifestyle.

Specialist Interest Groups

  • Pelvic Gurdle Pain

  • Postnatal abdominal muscle separation

  • Acupuncture in pregnancy

  • Continence issues

I was recommended Gemma from my sister, I live 200 miles away so was grateful for the excellent online classes. They were perfectly suited to help me cover after my second, large baby. I had been to a few physio led Pilates classes, but Gemma’s is definitely the best.
Gemma is a real expert and is so helpful with support and advice. I couldn’t recommend it more, I think it’s a must for all mums


I’m so glad I had postnatal check up and mummy MOT with Gemma after my emergency C section. For this pregnancy I have been doing the prenatal classes which have been so helpful in helping me remember the importance of breath work with pelvic floor exercises and ensuring I carve out the time away from my toddler to complete the class which can be so hard to do.


I went to see Gemma for a Mummy MOT after my first child. Gemma was fantastic and I just wish I’d gone sooner! I’m now expecting my 2nd and am currently attending the pre natal exercise classes which are great. I will most definitely be continuing with them and then making sure I move on to the post natal care as soon as possible after the birth. I highly recommend a Mummy MOT to all mums.


I was recommended to Gemma West by my midwife, who I saw for a ‘Mummy MOT’. Gemma’s professional, reassuring and very knowledgeable in her field. I’ve seen Gemma a few times now and the results have been really positive and I also now do her postnatal exercise class, which is great for strengthening and getting back into exercise gently. I would highly recommend Gemma and I think all new mums should have a MOT!


I would highly recommend going to see Gemma West for a Mummy MOT. I had a Mummy MOT with her after I had my second baby and it was the best thing I could do for my recovery. Gemma is very supportive and extremely knowledgeable, and has really helped me improve my overall body strength since having 2 babies.
Her postnatal exercise classes have also been invaluable and have definitely helped speed up my recovery.

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