Within cutting edge musculoskeletal and sports medicine dynamic ultrasound scanning is being used to aid diagnosis and guide treatment and rehabilitation. By scanning patients with muscle, ligament and tendon (MRI, is still the best scan for joints and the spine) problems the clinician can use this information to diagnose the level of injury, objectively follow the tissue recovery and this makes time based prognosis more accurate. That is why this form of scan is used within elite sport.

At EPM we have invested over £15,000 on a new ultrasound Machine and as far as we know are the only private physio clinic to have a machine of this type outside London.

Currently Paul Thawley is trained on preforming these scans and if it is applicable to your specific condition would be performed at the initial appointment at no extra cost. Normally these scans are in the region of £200 per scan if you attended a private hospital.

Another example of EPM going that extra mile to provide quality evidence based treatment and care for there clients at no extra cost.

For any enquires please contact Paul at EPM