Sports exercise and musculoskeletal consultant Dr Moiz Moghal is on a mission to make rapid assessment, diagnosis and early interventions easily accessible to everyone; not just elite athletes.

Written by: Andy McCrea

Dr Moghal has looked after Team GB at the Olympics, Paralympics and Commonwealth Games. He is currently the lead physician for the England men's cricket team. He also cares for elderly patients battling arthritis, in between treating frozen shoulders, rotator cuff tears and a range of tendon issues.

Talking about his colleagues at Elite, Dr Moghal said;

We've all worked in elite sport and we’re trying to recreate the expertise, accessibility and multidisciplinary team approach that exists in elite sport and replicate that for everyone.

Alternative route to recovery

With the NHS inundated, delays in accessing investigations and interventions can result in long term pain and loss of function which impair quality of life.

“My clients want to get back to their previous levels as quickly as possible. Surgery can be effective for many conditions, but it doesn't go without a potential risk of complications,” said Dr Moghal.

For a significant proportion of the population, the risk of surgery is significantly higher and shouldn't be underestimated. For many patients, maximising conservative management for as long as possible is the right way to go.

Speedy access to a specialist

On the NHS, people wait months or even years to get their pain accurately diagnosed and receive the right management plan. A significant portion of people don't respond to simple medications and anti-inflammatories.

Dr Moghal uses ultrasound imaging to give fast, accurate diagnoses. Ultrasound-guided injections allow him to see the superficial structures beneath the skin to target pain precisely.

Teaming up

Whatever the underlying problem, a large feature of musculoskeletal pain is inflammation. Until the inflammation settles down, it’s difficult to make progress with physiotherapy alone. But the Elite team are quick to identify and cross-refer patients requiring injection therapy prior to dealing with the underlying problem through physiotherapy.

Not all injections contain steroids

Steroid injections are a well-evidenced and potent anti-inflammatory – but they’re not the only option. For chronic knee and hip pain, Dr Moghal offers a treatment at Elite which is not available on the NHS. Ostenil Plus contains hyaluronic acid, which can improve pain and function in people with osteoarthritis, by restoring balance and nourishing the synovium within the joint. This is a great alternative for anyone advised to avoid steroids and is ideal for younger patients who want to delay the need for surgery for as long as possible.

Ready to make a comeback

Dr Moghal says “I’ve seen both amateur and elite level athletes make a rapid return to training and competing thanks to ultrasound-guided injection therapy. Combined with physiotherapy, these treatments are life-changing for anyone suffering from pain and loss of function. Whether it's a knee, shoulder, thumb, toe or a gluteal tendon; relieving pain improves not just mobility, but mood and sleep as well."

Those who’ve not picked up a racket or pulled on a pair of trainers for years are given a new lease of life within 2-3 weeks, sometimes within a matter of days.

Through their collaborative approach, the Elite team can be confident that each individual patient has got the right plan to manage their pain and return to the activities they enjoy. If you'd like to be seen by Dr Moghal, please contact us to arrange an assessment.

This article appeared online and in print, in the March-April issue of Vale Life magazine. Click on the image to read the digital magazine on the Vale Life website.

"The breadth and depth of expertise at Elite can prevent patients having to go under the surgeon's knife. The tight-knit team have excellent communication lines between different specialists and a strong understanding of the latest evidence base for managing a broad range of conditions ‘conservatively’ – without surgery."