We have developed a virtual service to meet the needs of our patients who are not always able to physically attend our clinics but still wish to seek an expert opinion. These sessions were particularly helpful during the lock down of COVID -19, we were able to assess new patients and follow up existing clients with progress updates and exercise progression. We were able to feedback to referring Orthopaedic Consultants who were reassured that their patients remained well monitored.

If you have attended Elite in the past you will know that we have a strong bias towards rehabilitation. Research and anecdotal experience proves that for conditions such as back pain, neck pain, sport injuries etc the most effective approach is not “hands on” manual therapy but a tailored exercise programme. Postural adaptations, ergonomic changes, reducing muscle imbalances and strengthening exercises have a long-term impact on patients’ recovery compared to the short term symptom relief of massage or manual therapy. Remote video consultations enable us to continue to deliver these evidence-based interventions.

We continue to evaluate the best technology platforms but to date Zoom has been the easiest and most effective for our patients. It is easily downloaded on your PC, laptop or mobile, we recommend that you use a tablet or laptop, so you can easily move around. The process for booking appointments remains exactly the same, the only difference is that we now provide a link, which you click on at the time of your appointment to start your video consultation. Before a call, prepare an area in your home which is quiet, well-lit and suitable for exercise.

Video consultations allow us to take a full clinical history of your injury/condition, from which we are usually 95% sure of a diagnosis. The physical examination in normal circumstances will confirm and consolidate our clinical impression. In the absence of a physical examination we ask the patient to locate pain and feedback to us. For many conditions this is equally as effective.

When teaching exercises, we will perform the drills as we would in clinic and then ask the patient to replicate what we have done. We can then watch and make suggestions if required. One advantage of a “virtual” in home consultation is that we can sometimes identify a chair, table, step, or piece of equipment that can be adapted specifically to a particular exercise. We can also assess a patient’s home office and ergonomic arrangement.

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