April 2016

March 2016

Welcome back Andy


We are happy to welcome Andy McCrea back to the team at Elite. He will be in clinic full time from 14th March. If you would like to book an appointment, please call 01296 437717

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February 2016

Marathon Related Injuries


As marathon season approaches many of you will be lacing up your running shoes and heading out into the miserable weather to get yourself fit for the big day. There have been numerous studies into marathon training related injuries – some studies reporting up to 90% injury rate for those training for [...]

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September 2015

Impact of waiting times on recovery


The time between sustaining an injury and receiving treatment can have a significant impact on the outcome of your recovery... Most structures within the body are healed as well as they can be between three and six months, pain that lasts longer than three months is referred to as chronic pain. This is less about [...]

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What does a proper warm up look like?


With the start of the football season and returning to play after a summer off, it is inevitable that people pick up injuries before the season really gets going. From chatting to patients it seems fairly common to either neglect a warm up completely or at most to do a few static stretches while chatting [...]

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What is chronic pain?


Chronic or persistent pain affects many of the patients we see. It can be difficult to understand why we feel like there is something wrong when there is no obvious "cause". This 5 minute video is an excellent way to understand the brains role in how we perceive chronic pain, and more importantly, what you [...]

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Well done Emily!


Congratulations to Emily, who has just completed her Masters in Sport and Exercise Medicine

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June 2015

New Wattbike now part of the gym set up


We have just added a brand new Wattbike to the gym at the Aylesbury clinic...The Wattbike is a state of the art indoor bike that was developed with British Cycling.The Wattbike is able to replicate riding on the road or track with the use of both a magnetic and air braking system. These variations enable you [...]

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March 2015

London Foot and Ankle Clinic


We all know that with the start of a new year many of us are keen to return to running, or take it up as a new year's resolution. This can bring various foot and ankle injuries which should not be ignored. Have a look at The London Foot and Ankle clinic website with some [...]

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Common childhood growth problems


These days adolescents play an awful lot of sport and generally are extremely active. This may leave them venerable to childhood growth disorders. Below we have outlined one very common problem; Sever's disease. For further advice please contact us at EPM. What is Sever's Disease? Sever's disease is a common cause of heel pain in [...]

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