February 2021

Manual Therapy & Soft Tissue Techniques


Manual Therapy and Soft Tissue Techniques Written by: Faye Appleby 17 February 2021 Description Manual therapy is a treatment option and service we offer at Elite Physical Medicine, it is defined as ‘skilled hand movements intended to improve tissue extensibility’. The aim of the treatment is to increase any lost [...]

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Paul and Andy – Ashfold School Webinar


Managing The Adolescent Athlete Written by: Faye Appleby, Edited by: Andy McCrea 8th February 2021 Today, Paul and Andy, our Clinical Directors, have been showing off their virtual webinar skills (loosely!) for Ashfold school, parents and teaching staff. Both Paul and Andy have a wealth of knowledge and [...]

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January 2021

Muscle Strength Testing


Muscle Strength Testing Written by: Gabrielle Jackson, Edited by: Faye Appleby 29th January 2021 At Elite Physical Medicine, a crucial part of your treatment plan, usually involves regular muscle testing. Muscle testing is where the physiotherapist uses objective markers to measure the muscle strength of a patient. Testing muscle strength [...]

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Tom Stainer our Honorary Lecturer


Congratulations to Tom, one of our physiotherapists, who has started his journey and passion in lecturing. Tom has recently been teaching about outcome measures that are used in rehabilitation for junior doctors studying BSci Sports Medicine at University College London (UCL). As honorary lecturer, Tom led a virtual zoom lecture and created videos [...]

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July 2018

Principles of Resistance Training #4


STRENGTH AND FAT LOSS🚨It's a fantastic way to build STRENGTH 💪🏻 not only can Resistance Training help increase your general strength but it can assist in improving your dynamic balance. It has been proven to increase overall physical performance and 2-3 training sessions a week can certainly help with your body composition by increasing [...]

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Principles of Resistance Training #3


Resistance Training has been proven to improve the health of your heart. 💙 2-3 sessions a week can help to lower your blood pressure ⬇decreased your resting heart rate⬇〰 and have a positive effect on cholesterol levels 🔴💪🏻 now if that isn’t something to jump up and go lift something we don’t know what [...]

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Principles of Resistance Training #2


Resistance training has been proven to have positive effects ok blood sugar. It increases your insulin sensitivity and decrease your glucose sensitivity - hence why we recommend resistance training 2-3 times a week for diabetic patients 💙✅ 💪🏻

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Principles of Resistance Training #1


Resistance Training is a form of exercise that is designed to improve muscular fitness by working a muscle or muscle group against external resistance. This includes Free Weights, Dumbells, Machines, Medicine Balls and Body Weight. 🤷🏼‍♀️ So WHY resistance training? 🤷🏼‍♂️ Well stay tuned and we will be sharing the fundamental reasons why [...]

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